Sunday, November 22, 2009

Magniwork Review - How to build a magnet generator

If you read some sections of the media there seems to be a great interest in reuseable energy and developing different types of power generators that produce free electricity. This is clearly a result of the global economy and the desire to make the environment clean and safer to live in. One such example of free usable power generators is a magnetic power generator and can create enough electricity to run your entire home without any assistance from the local power utility. Most would think that such a concept would cost thousands of dollars to install but the fact is you can learn how to build a magnet generator with simple materials and little or no cost and have it running in days.

Magnetic power generators has been around for a while but large companies have managed to block to progress this technology and keep the inventors silent. But now these types of generators are making a come back especially as consumers are trying to find ways to save money. Unlike solar panels and wind mill generators magnetic power motors don't take up large amounts of space, can operate in all types of weather conditions, and does not emitt any harmful radiation or fumes. The great thing is you can make your own magnetic power generator DIY and spend under $150 to get it up and running.

Here are some additional advantages you receive from building a magnet generator:

• Simple to operate
• Costs next to nothing to build and install.
• Can completely run your home without assistance.
• Environmentally friendly, no harmful radiation or gas emissions to deal with.

These motors run by harnessing electricity that is generated from magnets, these magnets dont need to be replaced and can run for as long as you desire. The engine is not hard to build and there are guides available that can show you step by step how to build a magnet generator in days.

Some use the magnet generator in conjunction with their local power source and have still managed savings of up to 50% while using all their appliances, heating utilities and lighting. In these trying times any savings is good and if it reduces the risks of harmful radiation then its well worth. These types of devices makes our homes and environment much safer to live in.

Just like solar panels and homemade generators, theses power generator are starting to catch on and soon companies will be making commercial versions that will be unfordable to the average joe. The thing you have to realize is there is no need to watch till the companies come out with their versions but you can find out how to build a magnet generator on your very own without all the fuss and high costs of installing a commercial product.

SO how you make your own magnet power generator?

There are instructional guides that contain videos and easy to follow instructions on how to build a magnet generator in days or even hours . The materials to assemble such a motor can be found around your house and garage and the cost are minimal.

To find out how to create your very own magnet motor go to - How to build a magnet motor.