Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magniwork Review - How to build a Magniwork for free electricity!

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When you think of 'free electricity' you first initial thoughts are solar panels or wind generators. These method do indeed generate 100% free natural electricity but that's not the only way to create it. There has been a theory going around for 20 years that you can produce usable power by harnessing the energy created by perpetual motion. For a long time scientists have proven that magnets can conduct as much electricity as the normal electricity from the national grid.

Nowadays there is information available on how to build magniwork generators that create free flowing electricity using the power of a series of interconnected magnets.

Many have claim this to be absolute rubbish but the fact is its possible and the people that create the negative press are the people that charge you monthly for your power bill.

I was completely skeptical about making my own magniwork generator using magnets but the information they provide is put into an easy to follow step by step process that even your average joe with no technician experience can have confidence in building their very own magnetic generator.

The cost of making this type of power generator is next to nothing and all you need is a few parts from the hardware store and materials found around your house. In a matter of hours or days depending on how fast you want to build it you can have your entire home running completely independent from the national power grid.

If you consider the way things are unfolding economically its certainly a wise idea looking into stuff like this to free up some money you might need for that 'rainy day'.

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